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Welcome to AAMCO Transmissions

When you have an AAMCO 36-Month/36,000 Mile (60,000 Kilometer)  coverage for automatic transmissions behind you, your transmission is covered for 3 years, or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Your transmission and torque converter are covered against defective transmission materials and workmanship - parts or labor - for the full 36 Month/36,000 Mile period . As with any AAMCO warranty, the coverage is null and void if the failure is caused by customer abuse, accident or alterations, or if the covered vehicle is converted from a passenger vehicle to a commercial vehicle, or is used for commercial purposes. Be sure to read your AAMCO 36-Month/36,000 Mile extended warranty to fully understand all of your rights and any other restrictions that apply. 

The AAMCO 36-Month/36,000 mile Service Agreement is not transferable
*Some charges, exclusions and limitations apply to service agreements.

Depending on your needs, AAMCO offers a variety of Coverages (select below):

The AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty for Minor Services.
The AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty for Electronic Components.
The AAMCO 90-Day Limited Warranty for Manual Transmissions.
The AAMCO 12-Month Limited Warranty for Automatic Transmissions.
The AAMCO Lifetime Coverage for Automatic Transmissions.